Where to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card

When traveling abroad, you may sometimes need to use a different SIM card than the one you have. This may be due to international agreements between providers or because you find that you don’t have enough mobile data for your daily needs.

Prepaid SIM cards have become popular because they enable you to use and manage your data more freely. Available internationally, these little cards have revolutionized the way we communicate while traveling.

In this article, Quick to Link explains where to buy a prepaid SIM card to help you communicate wherever you are.

Your provider

When planning a trip, the issue of how to use your data abroad is probably not the first thing on your mind. However, depending on what plan you have and the international agreements that regulate data roaming, your mobile plan may be invalid in many destinations.

To avoid finding yourself in a tricky situation such as not being able to make calls while abroad, it’s best to ask your provider for advice before you leave. They will be able to tell you what your plan covers and where you can use your phone without incurring roaming charges.

One of the solutions you’ll be offered is a prepaid phone card. With a prepaid card, you can customize the amount of mobile data and the number of text messages you have, and you can recharge it automatically if you need to. Once you have the card in hand, all you need to do is activate it.

Top up your cell phone !

International airports

If you forgot to look into roaming options before departure, not to worry! Some international airports have stores where you can buy a prepaid SIM card.

Unfortunately, this option can prove costly. You’ll need to use your mobile data sparingly if you want to avoid having to recharge the card too quickly.

Convenience stores

You can also buy prepaid SIM cards in convenience stores across Canada. These small stores can be found in most cities, are usually open 24/7, and offer all the everyday essentials.

In some stores, you can buy prepaid SIM cards for less than they would cost from a provider or at an airport.


If you don’t want to limit your data usage, there’s another alternative to the prepaid SIM cards available on the market—topping up your phone online.

This option is available in every country on Earth. Just find out what the possibilities are for the area you’re in.

Since the service is provided online, you can pay by credit or debit. You can make your purchase in advance, right before departure or once you arrive at your destination. All you need is Wi-Fi Hotspot access to connect to the internet and place your order.

Use Quick to Link to recharge your prepaid SIM card

Data usage abroad is often subject to agreements between providers in different countries. Prepaid SIM cards are a great solution to avoid finding yourself in an inconvenient situation where you can’t communicate without incurring additional charges.

Quick to Link offers an online mobile recharge service that is available internationally. With this service, you can communicate freely abroad without worrying about running out of data.

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