About us

Our mission

Wherever you are, in 3 minutes, the Quick to Link Platform allows you to recharge the cell phone of a family member, friend or your loved one, in more than 160 countries through 550 telephone operators. Quick to Link is a unique family support service that allows households around the world to benefit from instant airtime and mobile data transferts at low costs  to any network around the world via a mobile application, website or a point of service. Do not wait any longer! Join Quick To Link and recharge a cell phone now!

Our vision and our values

We offer more than 5 billion consumers in emerging economies greater access to digital communications and,as a result, more active participation in the global economy. Our vision is for households in both emerging and developed markets, to be self-sufficient in communications and and connected to the world.

People first! No matter where and who we are, keeping in touch with our families, friends and loved ones is essential. At Quick to link, we will do everything in our power to earn and keep the trust of our customers and partners.
This responsibility requires:

  • Honesty (transparency, objectivity, reliability)
  • Respect ( standards in all our business and management practices)
  • Competence (professionalism, technical expertise and continuous improvement)

Data usage

Contact details

We collect information such as your surname, first name, email address, telephone number. In order to be able to follow up on your orders and to deal with any disputes related to a credit recharge.

Payment methods

We do not share your bank details,you can make your transactions securely with PayPal, one of the most reliable payment gateways in the world. We accept payment via your PayPal account, débit or
crédit card.


All correspondence, history of transactions, communications (including complaints), that you will have between you and our teams, in order to ensure an effective follow-up of your file.