What is roaming abroad?

While traveling or on business, it is not uncommon for us to use our mobile data to stay connected to the wi-fi and our loved ones. This is called roaming. Still too unconsciously used, Quick to Link reveals everything you need to know about data roaming, the agreements that govern it and how to activate it on your phone.

What does data roaming do?

Roaming is equal to "data roaming". It refers to the international use of mobile data plan contained in a phone package. In other words, the fact that you can connect to a mobile internet network, regardless of the country you are in.

Using roaming can therefore save you the extra cost of a local connection, while enjoying the benefits of your mobile operator and phone plans.

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How does roaming work?

Data roaming depends on the cell phone network development of the operators. That's why there are different types of roaming.

Regional roaming: meaning

This term is mostly used to characterize data plan used in countries or regions with a large geographical area, such as the United States. You must therefore use your phone plan and activate your mobile phone's data to access another network in the same territory.

National roaming: meaning  

It refers to the ability to change home networks, owned by different operators, within the same country. Although it seems similar to regional, it refers here only to the country, where regional is only possible when the area is so large that it is necessary to change networks.

International roaming: meaning

This is the common use of data roaming. It means activating your international data to benefit from the network of the countries in which you travel, regardless of the operator that owns it.

What are the different roaming agreement?

Depending on the type of roaming and the network characteristics, different agreements are possible.

Cell phone roaming in Europe

Since 2017, if you are a resident of the Union, the contract that binds you to your mobile operator gives you the possibility to use your data roaming throughout the European countries. In other words, if you have subscribed to a classic package with european sim card, calls abroad and text messages will be charged at the price of your operator. On the contrary, if you have subscribed to an international package and according to the volume of data plan included in your package, you will only have to pay your monthly payment to benefit from it.

On the other hand, the use of data while roaming within the economic area is governed by agreements between operators and countries. For this reason, some operators have the ability to connect you to the home network by offering packages with many countries.

Another point is that the use of this data is different between :

- Customers living in the territory,

- International customers,

- Customers moving internationally.

The best thing to do is asking your operator.

Cell phone roaming abroad

Unlike in the European Union, data roaming is not regulated internationally. Which means that operators have free rein to charge whatever prices they want depending on the country they are in.

If you want to keep your national roaming abroad, which is quite possible, you may have additional roaming charges. These roaming rates and roaming fees vary from country to country.

Where is data roaming on my phone?

To have calls and texts internationally, you can set up your cell phone as a mobile hotspot. You can then use mobile internet while on the go. Whether you are on Android or iOS, here are the prerequisites to complete before activating data roaming:

  • Buy a prepaid sim card that you can top up,
  • Use your mobile phone plan with limited internet access,
  • Use your cell phone plan with unlimited internet access.

As long as you have one of these requirements, you can use your mobile data internationally by activating data roaming, and somewhat avoid roaming charges depending of your mobile plan.

With an Android device

With an iOS device

– Settings,

– SIM cards and Mobile networks,

– Advanced settings,

– Data roaming,

– International roaming (you can set this according to your data usage)

– Settings,

– Cellular network,

– Activate "Data abroad".

Use Quick to Link to manage your roaming

Communicating abroad also requires the use of mobile data. This is one of the reasons why data roaming exists. Depending on the agreements between the operators and the countries, you will be able to use your data without fearing new roaming charges.

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