How to Save on Mobile Data Usage When Travelling Abroad

When you travel or work abroad, mobile data guarantees internet access through your phone plan. This feature allows you to stay connected and chat with your family or employer. However, too much use of it can result in additional charges depending on the mobile plan you have and the country you are in.

To avoid these charges, Quick to Link explains the different ways to save on mobile data costs when travelling abroad.

Why reduce mobile data usage

Mobile data or data roaming is included in your phone service subscription. It allows you to create a mobile hotspot that guarantees access to the Internet, regardless of the country in which you are located.

However, depending on the current contract, the use of this data can generate additional fees that can be expensive. For this reason, many operators recommend that their customers reduce their consumption or even buy a prepaid SIM card in the country they are in.

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How to save on internet costs for mobile data

When using your phone, there are ways to save mobile data and manage data usage.

1. Close applications that do automatic background updates

The first tip is similar to the one for saving your phone battery. Closing applications that consume too much data will allow you to optimize the life of your phone as well as the cost of your Internet connection.

To avoid opening these energy-consuming applications without knowing it, you can also uninstall them from your phone.





Data usage,

Turn on “Data Saver" (depending on the applications)



Background App Refresh,

Disable the above.


2. Remove mobile location

Another thing you should always do when you are abroad is remove your location service, which various apps use to guide you through the streets. However practical it may be, this service also increases the risks associated with the use of mobile data.





App permissions,

Open the application for which you do not want to use location.

Disable the use of location.



Location Services,

Choose an application to change its location settings.

– Choose "Never" or "When the application is active".


3. Refuse automatic updates

As with self-running background applications, you can disable automatic updates via your phone settings.

You can save data and also limit the use of a large amount of data by manually choosing the applications you want to update, depending on how important they are to you.



Disable system updates

- Settings,

- System,

- Software update,

- Choose the settings icon,

- Disable "Automatic download via wi-fi".

Disable application updates

- Google Play,

- Settings,

- Disable "Automatic updates"

Disable automatic system and application updates

- Settings,

- Your name,

- iTunes and App Stores,

- Disable "Use cellular data".

4. Disable application launch using mobile data

As with mobile data overuse, it's best to check which apps are launching with a Wi-Fi network so you can limit access.

Knowing how data is distributed according to your apps, you'll have a better chance of saving data by limiting the unnecessary opening and running of apps, whether you're on iOS or Android.

5. Add a data saving limit

The data limit option is only available for Android phones. This setting permits you to enable the "Data Saver" mode so that you can add a limit to your mobile data consumption. By reducing data consumption, you can manage data use and preserve data for a longer period of time.

Pour Android seulement

- Settings,

- Wireless and network settings,

- Mobile networks,

- Data usage,

- More data settings,

Add a limit by going to "Monthly mobile data consumption limit.

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Mobile data is a perfect solution when you are going abroad and wish to communicate with loved ones without having to pay for a new phone plan. However, service agreements can make this feature more complex and costly to use depending where you are. Knowing how to save your data will help you extend its use.

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