How Much Does an International Call Cost

Are you planning a trip abroad for a vacation, or for professional reasons? If so, you are likely concerned about the cost of international phone calls.

The cost of making calls to and from a foreign country can climb quickly if you don’t use the right service. And you’ve probably noticed that it is not always easy to understand how the price of your calls is calculated.

To help you better understand and prepare for your trip abroad, Quick To Link explains how to estimate and minimize the cost of an international phone call!

What factors influence the cost of an international call

First, you should know that the price of your call from abroad will vary depending on your service provider. These calls are often overcharged and billed beyond the prices outlined in your package.

Also, when you place a call from within another country using your regular mobile plan, you are subject to "roaming" (or "data roaming") charges. These fees are indicated within the contract you signed with your service provider, or on their website. Note that a call placed within the European Union will not be subject to roaming charges.

If you do not have an "international" option and you want to place a call using your local phone package, you risk receiving a very expensive bill. The cost of your communication will depend on the terms of your options. Finally, keep in mind that once your option credit is used, you will be charged to additional calls and these calls will not be included in the payment bundle you have chosen.


Did you know? In addition to outgoing international calls, incoming calls from abroad can also incur charges on your bill! So be careful before you pick up the phone. 😉

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How to estimate the cost of an international phone call

Rest assured, it is possible to estimate the price of your call abroad. In the European Union, the prices are capped and are roughly :

·       €O.19/minute for a call

·       €O.6 for an SMS

There is no additional charge for a call made within the European Union.

On the other hand, for calls made outside the EU, you should check your provider’s prices carefully. On average, a call to a foreign country outside the EU costs between €1.00 and €3.00 per minute, and an SMS costs between €0.30 and €0.70.

Note: These prices are estimates and can vary by operator and by country. Remember to check these rates before calling from abroad!

Online mobile top-up: the best way to control your international phone costs

As you can see, calling from abroad or placing a call to a foreign country using your national telephone package can be expensive and the costs can even be double your regular fees.

To minimize your expenses, there is better, time-tested method that may people overlook: the mobile top-up. Similarly to the prepaid mobile cards we used when we were younger, the mobile top-up offers many advantages.

All you have to do is subscribe to a refill of the amount of your choice, for the country of your choice. You can then make calls until your refill runs out. Once you have used up your refill, your communications will be cut off and you will avoid accidentally incurring any additional costs. In addition to this, many companies now offer the possibility of an online mobile top-up. You can recharge from wherever you want, whenever you want.

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When using a local plan, the cost of an international phone call can quickly become exorbitant. To reduce the cost of your calls abroad and to maintain control of your expenses, the mobile top-up is the best solution.

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